Python in the top 3?

By carefully manipulating the weights I can get Python to be a top language:
1.0C gcc 196.7
1.2D Digital Mars 157.9
1.4Python 141.3
1.4OCaml 140.1
1.4Python Psyco 138.3
1.5Ruby 132.72
1.6Forth GForth 125.81
1.6Lua LuaJIT 124.0
1.6Lua 121.6

Great Language Shootout . Basically I said that Time, Memory and Program size and startup time matters. Then I put in only the programs that did well in the tests.


Isaac Gouy said…
I think you can do better than that - try GZip Bytes = 5 and then set some benchmarks to 5.

Python numero uno! :-)
Scott Kirkwood said…
Yes I realized I could do better, but I didn't want to cheat too much. The numbers I put were not too over the top.

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