Java vs Rails vs Plone vs. TurboGears vs Django vs JBoss

Sean Kelly has a great presentation taking about web development. He starts taking about a project at JPL that was done in C++ and the interface part was redone (with much better success) in Tcl/Tk. The rest of the talk gives examples of creating Web apps written in J2EE, Ruby/Rails, Zope/Plone, TurboGears, and Django. His synopsis: J2EE sucks on oh so many levels, and Zope rules. TurboGears, Rails and Django look very good as well. My favorite is still TurboGears which I'm using on my home site. The presentation not only does a Hello World in all environments (through screencasting) but also does an example web site that uses a database in each environment.
The style of the presentation is very Lawrence Lessig style, Sean even used the same fonts that Lessig uses in his presentations. The presentation is very entertaining and well done despite being quite long (it's a big download).
I recommend looking at the presentation and then giving it to your boss!

Some other links that the presentation pointed to, for my reference:


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