Python: Tiny Accounting

I don't need an accounting package at the moment but I noticed Tiny ERP the other day.
One thing I found interesting is that they used a great choice of libraries:
  • Python, of course,
  • PostgreSQL, the best open source database
  • ReportLab to create PDF reports for printing,
  • Pyparsing, an easy to use parsing (think YACC) library.
  • The only thing I might have done differently is using wxPython for the GUI instead of GTK.
Their description:
Tiny ERP was mainly developed for small and medium?sized organizations from 5 to 150 people (either from 5 to 50 users full time). Tiny ERP is flexible and evolutionary. The objective is that the software adapts to the needs of the company and not the other way around. The target sectors are: trade, distribution and service companies. But the flexibility of the product makes it possible to develop new modules easy and quickly to make it easy to implement Tiny ERP in other industries. Due to the module built?up of Tiny ERP, it is possible to adapt Tiny ERP to very specific needs of companies (i.e.public Sale?rooms, specialized bookshop, ...)

And it's free and open source!


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