Tipping in Brazil

One thing I noticed pretty quickly in Brazil is that tipping isn't very common. When it does occur it's because it's part of the bill. If you try and tip a taxi driver they often don't understand what you are doing, or even refuse. I've even had the case whey they give me money, like if the fare is 5.50 and I have only a 5 or a 10 they may sometimes just take the 5 instead of making the change.
Here's a post describing some of the psychology of tipping. Number 3. seemed especially relevant.
3. Tipping is less prevalent in countries where unease about inequality is especially strong.
I recommend the blog Marginal Revolution as well it's quite an interesting blog about economics.


Mauser*Girl said…
It's the same in a lot of European countries as well. When I was in Germany it was customary that the tip was already entered into the bill, and you didn't tip anyone extra. I also don't remember tipping cab drivers.

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