Tools: Frink calculator

I highly recommend using Frink instead of, say, windows Calc. It's a free, but not open source, Java program. It's command line driven but very powerful. I especially like the built in conversion capabilities and translation features. Here's the feature list:
Here are some examples that I've used:
// Convert from US Dollar to Brazilian Real

// Calculate how many hours I worked today
// left work at 7pm arrived 8:30am and had an hour lunch
#19:00# - #09:30# - 1 hour -> hours
17/2 (exactly 8.5)

// I need five cups of sugar, how many kilos of sugar do I need?
sugar * 5 cups -> kg

The docs are fun to read, and gives lots of interesting examples. Even the units file is an interesting read.
Highly recomended.


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